ARB qualifications for service

ARB qualifications for service

When a taxpayer expresses a desire to serve on the Fannin County Appraisal Review Board, requirements for their service must first be verified by that entity.

+ The applicant must have lived in the appraisal district boundaries for a minimum of two years prior to taking office as a board member.
+ The applicant may not be a member of the Appraisal District Board of Directors;
+ May not be an employee of the Appraisal District;
+ May not be Board members, employees, or officers of a taxing unit served by the appraisal district;
+ Employee’s of the Office of the State Comptroller of Public Accounts

Items that may disqualify an applicant from service are as follows:

+ An individual cannot serve if he or she is related to a paid tax agent or a person engaged in appraising property for tax purposes in the appraisal district jurisdictional boundaries;
+ An individual may not serve if he or she holds some other PAID public office;
+ The Tax Code disqualifies a person from service if the person owns property on which delinquent taxes have been owed for 60 calendar days or more AFTER the person should have known of the delinquency.

The Appraisal District Board of Directors will review all applications. It is the intent of the Appraisal District Board of Directors to have fair and equally balanced Appraisal Review Board members.