IMPORTANT INFORMATION Regarding 2023 Notice of Appraised Value


Regarding 2023 Notice of Appraised Value


Dear Property Owner,

Due to legislation, the estimate of taxes has been removed from the Notice of Appraised Value.
The Texas Legislature recognizes the purpose of the notice is to inform property owners of their
property values. Appraisal districts do not impose a tax or set tax rates. Beginning August 7th, you may
access the local property tax database at to see an estimate of taxes to be
imposed by each taxing unit (i.e., County, Cities, and School Districts). The database will be updated
regularly as local elected officials propose and adopt property tax rates that will determine how much
you pay in property taxes.

If the Notice of Appraised Value appears accurate, no action is required. Otherwise, in order to
preserve your right to a “Formal Hearing” before the Appraisal Review Board (ARB), a written protest
must be timely filed. The deadline is listed at the bottom of the notice. Please provide accurate contact

Protesting your 2023 Notice of Appraised Value

1. File a Protest

  • E-File Online at – Use the Online PIN Found on the Notice, OR
  • Complete the Written Form on the Back of the Notice & Place in the Mail or FCAD Door Slot

2. Provide Applicable Supporting Documentation

  • State your Opinion of Value
  • Fee Based or Bank Appraisal
  • Closing Statement (HUD)
  • Photos
  • Estimates for Repair
  • Other Documentation relevant to the Protest

3. Submit by the Deadline Listed on the Notice

  • File Early
  • Protests submitted by Fax or Email will NOT be accepted per ARB Policy

After a protest has been filed, a hearing will be scheduled with the Appraisal Review Board. In some
cases, a protest may be resolved without the need of a formal hearing. If this is possible, an appraiser
may contact you by phone or email. Please check your email and spam folder regularly.