We have moved to a new FTP upload system. Please use the following instructions to download FileZilla and upload your documents to Fannin CAD.  Thank you.

Step 1: Download and install the FileZilla FTP client from the FileZilla website

Link: FileZilla – The free FTP solution (filezilla-project.org)

Make sure to download the Client, Not the Server

Step 2: Open the application and Connect to the Fannin CAD FTP Site

Host: ftp.fannincad.org

Username / Password: (Use your current username/password, these did not change)

Port: 21

Click “Quickconnect”

Step 3: Security Error

If the security error pops up, just click “ok”

Step 4: Copy files to the FTP site

Your computer is on the left and the FTP site is on the right.

Just drag the files/folders you want to copy over.

Step 5: You can monitor your file copy status at the bottom of the page